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Instrument Repairs

  • Foxes Music, 416 S. Washington Street, Falls Church, VA 22046  (703) 533-7393
  • Valenti Woodwind Repair, 8808 Cooper Road, Alexandria, VA 22309  (703) 780-4322

Music History and Reference

  • OnMusic Dictionary: Formerly the Virginia Tech Multimedia Musical Dictionary, this dictionary provides definitions and pronunciations for almost every musical term that you will encounter.
  • This site contains an extensive collection of classical music resources.
  • Classic Cat:  Contains many mp3 recordings various composers and styles.

Music Theory and Notation

  • Provides music theory lessons and trainers for all aspects of music theory. Has a music staff paper generator. Requires Macromedia Flash Player.
  • Web site for the commercial musical notation program Finale and the virtual accompanist Smart Music Studio. Finale Notepad is the free-limited version of this excellent program that is available for both Macintosh and Windows.
  • Provides an Online digital metronome with adjustable rhythms and tempos. Also generates a tuning pitch.