Marching Uniforms

Marching Band Students are fitted for their uniforms during the Summer Marching Program (Band Camp). Students will be assigned a day when they will be required to be measured, based on their instrument section. Once fitted to a student, all uniforms remain in the band closet and are never taken home. Students will change into and out of their uniforms before and after all marching band events. Each student is responsible for the whereabouts of all their uniform parts which must be returned at the end of Raffle Day each year. Your student fees pay for uniform rental, cleaning and maintenance of the marching uniform.

Have questions about the Marching uniforms?  Please contact uniforms@mcleanband.org.

The Marching Band Uniform

Marching Uniforms (including shoes) are stored in the Uniform Closet at school, and are never taken home (with the exception of individual participation in various college Band Camps). All students are required to properly inventory and store all marching uniform parts in their garment bag and in their assigned space in the uniform closet after each performance.

Front Ensemble Uniforms

The Front Ensemble will usually wear the same uniform as the marching band (minus Shako). Depending on the total number of marchers on the field and our available marching uniform inventory the Front Ensemble may be required to have a separate uniform, consisting of:

Color Guard Uniforms

Concert Uniforms

For concert performances, students are required to wear one of three uniform options:

How do students get a uniform?

First, the student must be fitted, and/or they must tell me that an existing uniform piece still fits. Fittings are held two times: 1) During marching band camp (for marchers); 2) On Tag Day (for non-marchers). During the fitting session, your student and I will determine what size is needed and what uniform piece(s) need to be ordered. Throughout the year, if a need for a fitting arises, just let me know. After the fitting is completed, we require that you purchase any new uniform pieces in MySchoolBucks. The uniform is then yours to keep. You are only paying for the uniform in this step. The specific size that your student needs is taken care of by me.

How do I know what to purchase?

Confirm with your student what needs to be ordered (dress, pants & shirt, pants only, shirt only, none, etc.). If you are not certain (or your student has forgotten), feel free to e-mail me.

When will students get their uniform?

Uniforms will be distributed to students in early October. Your student will also receive a garment bag to store their uniform and to use for travel. At the end of the year, only seniors need to return their garment bag.

What do students need to do after they get their uniform?

As soon as students get their uniform, they should try it on to assess fit. If an adjustment in size is needed, please let me know as soon as possible. Also, students may need to have the pants or dress hemmed and the boys’ dress shirt ironed or professionally pressed.

What else do students need to know about concert uniforms?

Along with the concert uniform, students need to wear long black socks and closed-toe black shoes. No skin of the legs or feet should show on the stage.We highly recommend that uniforms are professionally dry-cleaned after they are worn. This is especially important to maintain the black color of the boys’ dress shirt. If a student outgrows their uniform, just let me know. We might have a gently used piece to exchange. If not, then a new piece may need to be purchased.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact uniforms@mcleanband.org.